Earlier this week, Pat and I along with his buddies made a trip down go Seattle to watch Major League Baseball. I’ve never been to one of these games live and since picking up slow pitch, baseball is something I am pretty interested in. We went for 3 games in total and boy, it was really fun. The atmosphere is just amazing and unlike other sports, you really get a good view of the diamond and field regardless of where you sit.

Seattle besides being a major sports city also has an extensive food scene. I didn’t get to go around being a foodie but here’s a couple things I tried:

  • Top Pot Doughnuts

This local doughnut chain serves  good handmade dougnuts along with pretty awesome coffee and tea. I didn’t take a picture but one doughnut looks exactly like the pink spirnkles doughnut Homer Simpson loves.

  • The Pharmacy Bar 

 We did quite a bit of bar hopping given that I was travelling with 3 guys but this one just stands out.  Underground and a mixture of vintage/modern furnishings, its a pretty cool bar. Oh, also they do one of the best cosmos I’ve had.  Not too sure if it’s a US thing but all the cocktails I had seems to be free pour. Sometimes I cringe when I watch some bartenders pour my drink 75% of a pint glass with liquor and 5% mixer but hey, I’m not complaing that I get my money’s  worth.

  • Marination Ma’Kai, West Seattle

When the boys told me they were going to watch the US Open live, I wanted nothing of it. Instead, I decided to try a Bike and Bite Tour of West Seattle from Taste Seattle The tour does 5 tasting stops and a little history of Alki which is the main beach in West Seattle. I really recommend this tour as not many tourist would venture off main Seattle. Anyways, Marination Ma’kai sits right at the dock when you take a ferry from Pier 50 of main Seattle. YOU HAVE TO EAT THE SPICY PORK TACOS! If only that silly 1hr frequency ferry wasn’t due to depart when the tour just ended, i would have shoved another few tacos into my tiny bulging belly.

  • Slice, Along Alkai Beach, West Seattle

I had the simplest pepperoni pizza but it was the BEST GODDAMN THIN CRUST PIZZA. Even better than the ones I bake at home.

Check out my bike the tour provided me with! Really good bike and bright 🙂
On that note, let me go sit in regret that I did not eat more doughnuts and spicy pork tacos.


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