*Personal Post*

If I have not mentioned before, Pat and I welcome a furry one to the family last Sept. It was a joint decision though Pat allowed me to pick the dog and frankly, it’s cause I have been stalking the rescue’s page for months. Anyways, I am a firm believer of certain things are fated – especially for the house you buy and the pet you adopt. If it’s meant to be yours, it will be yours and the first gut feeling will always be accurate. Like you will know if you like the house when you first step into it or if the pet and you mutually like one another during the first meet and greet.

I chose Maio from the adoption site without even a picture in his profile. The description of him fit everything we were looking for. Not a puppy – checked. Medium size – checked. Not hyper- checked. I didn’t even finish reading the description in his profile before starting the application. He even came with couple rescue surprises too – awesome recall, sticks to you, dog/people friendly, knows how to swim, serial napper, snuggler and not food picky!

These past 6 months have been wonderful with him around. He makes Pat and I more active everyday and on weekends. We no longer are couch potato bums!  However, it’s the little things he does that always gets my heart strings.

I burst into tears on the couch one day and guess who came sniffing my face, wondering what was wrong. Pat stayed for a couple mins comforting me before he had to go for hockey but Maio stuck to me till I was okay. ain’t he a sweetie?

Last night, for some reason, I felt really warm in the bedroom. Flipping like a fish and unable to find comfort, I decided to move to the couch in attempt to get some sleep. Maio hopped off the bed and came to the couch with me. Snuggling in tight and close, he snoozed with me. It was crammed on the couch with 2 of us lying down with my hands twisted a little awkwardly but I actually fell asleep. I had no idea how long he stuck around till he went back to the bedroom but I slept through the night and was woken up by my alarm.

How is it only been 6 months that he has been with us? It feels like we had him for couple years already! But like I said right – it’s all fated that the timing fell in place perfectly.

I wished that we have met him when he was a puppy or few years earlier. I will never know how his life was before being rescued. He came from a reserve as a stray and I really believe he wasn’t raised in a home. Maio wouldn’t even let Pat or I out of his sight during walks, let alone run away. It’s pretty cute to see him panicking at the dog parks when he can’t find us – running around like a maniac, searching so hard and bolting towards you when he finally sees you.

The journey has only began and there’s a lifetime of memories to collect together. Maio already has a special place in my heart and he will always be my special boy.


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